Full statement from Tyson on USDA changes


Web Editor - Michael Vick

The full statement from the food company Tyson regarding the USDA's Modernize Poultry Inspection plan is below:

Food safety is vital to Tyson Foods. We employ more than 2,300 food safety professionals in our 90+ U.S. meat and poultry plants. These experts work alongside USDA inspectors to ensure our products meet or exceed government and customer standards as well as our own, strict food safety requirements.

One way our company serves consumers is by pioneering food safety improvements. Just as we continuously improve our food safety methods, we expect USDA to do the same. We have closely followed USDA’s efforts to modernize poultry inspection. While we have not yet submitted comments on USDA’s proposed new poultry inspection system, we can tell you two Tyson plants are among 20 U.S. poultry plants that have been piloting a streamlined USDA inspection system over the past two decades and we’ve found it to be effective in protecting the integrity of our products. The system reduces redundancies between company and USDA inspection efforts, and gives USDA’s staff more flexibility to focus on other things that verify the effectiveness of our food safety activities.

According to the National Chicken Council, the proposed inspection system will give USDA the flexibility to shift federal inspectors to a science-based, prevention-oriented inspection system, allowing the department to redeploy its resources in a manner that better protects the public from foodborne diseases. USDA will remain in its oversight role and USDA inspectors will still be in every plant, looking at each carcass to ensure the safety of chicken products and stamping them with the USDA seal of approval for wholesomeness.

Consumers deserve the safest food possible and Tyson works hard to deliver that safe product every day. Industry and government have an obligation to continuously improve processes in order to provide the best possible products. Given limited government resources, we believe consumers are best served by the most efficient use of government oversight. Greater efficiency requires change, and change can create controversy. We hope controversy will not stall progress that benefits consumers by creating more sustainable, modern food inspection systems.