Union makes stop at Ken Bar


Web Editor - Michael Vick

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. - "We were invited."

Those words tonight from a local union president about union workers and supporters picketing outside Ken Bar Lodge.

The hotel in Marshall County, Kentucky, is where some of the replacement workers at Metropolis' Honeywell plant are staying.

Men and women in support of United Steelworkers Local 7-669 gathered alongside Highway 641. Passersby showed their support by honking horns and waving to the picketers.

Union President Darrell Lillie said the replacement workers are posting comments on the Internet, wondering why the union workers haven't come to see them.

He said the union took them up on their invitation.

"We want them to know they're not welcome in here by us. We don't welcome these people. They're taking our jobs," Lillie said, as supporters honked their horns. "As you can see from support in the community that most people don't want them here taking our jobs. That's exactly what theyr'e doing, taking food away from our families' mouths."

Lillie said today's showing was a last minute thing and isn't sure if they'll do it again.

The union contacted the sheriff's department to let them know the group was picketing.

Honeywell workers have been locked out since June 28.