Attempted robbery thwarted by quick-thinking employee


Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

PADUCAH, Ky. - A quick-thinking employee saved their building from a potential criminal Monday.

It happened at the Easy Money Shoppe just off of Irvin Cobb Drive and Leiberman Street in Paducah's southside.

Investigators say a store employee, using a security mirror, saw a suspicious person sneaking up to the building.  The person was wearing a blue bandana across their face, dark glasses, a black hoodie and brown gloves.

The employee activated a store security system which locked all the building's doors.

The would-be robber walked up to the door and tried to pull it open three or four times, but was unable to do it.  That's when the person ran away.

Employees called police.  When they arrived, the started searching the area with K9 units.

They say they have a few leads but no arrests as of yet.

Investigators want those with information about the incident to call Paducah Police.  The number is (270) 444-8550.