Avoiding the battery-draining apps


Anchor - Todd Faulkner
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

Music, games, sports, organization and education.  There's an app for just about everything!  They're great until they drain your cell phone battery dry.

Some of the top apps out there zap your battery life.  Here's how to tell which apps are doing the most damage.

Apps that use GPS will take you from 100-percent power down to zero in a flash.  If you're not using it, close out of it.

Before you download an app, pay attention to the fine print.  Read what the apps are requesting permission to do.  Some update constantly, pulling more power from your battery.

On the iPhone, there's no clear language telling you how much power is being used. However, for Andriod's operating system, "Google Play" will show you.

Any games you download are bad battery zappers.  That includes games like the famous and free "Angry Birds."

That brings us to the all important app banner that's constantly updating, constantly running once you open an app.  Throughout the day, just click and delete the apps on the banner.

Want to know which apps are using the most power?  There's a free app called "Carat."  Researchers at University of California, Berkeley developed it.  The app tells you which ones to get rid off and how much more battery life you'll keep if you delete certain apps.

Finally, the best advice:  review all the apps you've downloaded over time.  If you're not using it, lose it!