Barbee indicted for 2nd degree manslaughter in death of 3 year old


Reporter - Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

PADUCAH, Ky. - A grand jury has indicted a Paducah, Kentucky man in the death of a three-year-old.

21-year-old Nicholas Barbee faces 2nd degree manslaughter charges in Braydion Scott Matlock’s death.

Police say he shot the little boy in the head and killed him nearly six weeks ago.

Matlock’s grandfather wasn’t surprised by the indictment.

“I’m not supporting Nick.  I’m not, not supporting Nick.  I’m middle of the road in this situation,” Scott Matlock said.

He said the past six weeks has been tremendously tough on everyone, including Barbee.  He’s out on bond.

“We don’t talk about the circumstances from that day because it’s a little uneasy, needless to say,” Matlock continued.

Matlock says he knows the details of what happened will eventually come out, especially now that the case will go to trial.

“To me it doesn't matter because anything they do in the court of law isn't going to bring back by grandson so I don't want to ruin any more likes than have already been ruined.”

No matter what happens, Matlock says he’ll always support the mother of his grandchildren, who is also standing behind her Barbee, her boyfriend.

Matlock says he’s been able to find some peace since his grandson’ death.

Barbee is scheduled for arraignment March 28th.