Benton, Kentucky celebrates Tater Day


Marissa Hollowed
Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

BENTON, Ky. - It all started 170 years ago, when the residents of Benton, Kentucky would get together and trade sweet potato slips used to grow the plants.

It continues today as a celebration of horses, their heritage and their kids' accomplishments. It's the annual Tater Day!

The annual Tater Day Parade kicks off at 11 a.m. This year, the parade's theme is "Remember Our Troops" with Grand Marshal Joe Tom Haltom leading the way. It runs from 5th Street to Main Street, then south on Main Street to the city park. It then turns north onto Poplar Street, then back to 5th Street.

Our Marissa Hollowed was in Benton, Kentucky this morning on Local 6 Today with more on Tater Day. Check out the video to see more!