Board votes not to renew Dunn's contract a second time


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournailst - Chad Darnall
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

MURRAY, Ky. - It's the end of the school year, the dorms at Murray State University are almost empty now students are leaving the university,  and it looks like the president will be leaving his office too.  Friday, the Board of Regents made that clear, again.

"It's not about performance, that's not what's coming into play here.  Rather it's about a set of interests and agendas, " President Randy Dunn said.

He didn't let the board pull his  strings, and he thinks that's why they ousted him, again.

"Their interests, ideologies.  They want me to act.  That type of thing, and as a president, those are things I can't subscribe to."

Friday morning's vote, four to seven, again!

Board of Regents Chairman, Constantine Curris voted no both times

"Any time there's division, work of the institution is impeded," Curris said.

While he refused to talk to Local 6 on camera he did address the board.

"The leadership of the university and the governing board have to be singing from the same hymnal, and when that does not occur we see problems," Staff Regent Phil Schooley said.

Schooley voted to keep Dunn, and asked the president to speak up and address the board's concerns about Dunn's performance, but Dunn declined.

"To try and say you're going to do something at the 11th hour and 59th minute to change things probably is not the case."

As the board searches for his replacement, and moves on, Dunn says the leaders of this higher education institution have a lot to learn.

"You can't manage an institution as large as a university in that fashion," Dunn said.

Late Friday afternoon, it was learned that Youngstown State University had chosen Dunn as it's next president.