Choking game risky for teens, can lead to other issues


PADUCAH - If you have a middle school student in your life, chances are they have heard of the "Choking Game."


Teens are choking themselves to reach a euphoric high.

A new study shows that kids that have participated in it could also be at risk for other problems later on in life.

The study by the Oregon Health Authority found 6% of 8th graders had participated in the choking game. They also found that teens who were sexually active or abused drugs or alcohol were more likely to be involved.

Researchers say the game appeals to teens because it doesn't cost anything, and social media sites have images and examples of people who say they enjoy it. 

The researchers add that a majority of teens don't realize there are risks involved, so they suggest parents and friends keep an eye out for signs, like marks on the neck or blood shot eyes.

Talking to teens about the risks will also help.

The researchers say they don't know if the Oregon results can be applied to all teens across the U.S., but a similar study done in Ohio found the same result.