Christmas morning shooting


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

GRAVES COUNTY, Ky.---Some of us have trouble getting along with friends and family when we're all together during the holidays and sometimes arguments occur.
But Graves County Sheriff's Deputies say a local man took things way too far by waving a gun, even pointing it at someone, and firing a shot.

Graves County Deputies believe it wasn't the topic being discussed but alcohol possibly mixed with marijuana that caused 26 year old Benjamin Williams to lose his cool inside his father's home.
Deputies are thankful no one lost their life.

"We never had a problem with anybody around here," one neighbor said.

Neighbors say it's a quiet community. But inside a nice home on the hill something not so nice happened on the holiday.

"Our first line of concern was to get the individuals out of the house," Graves County Sheriff's Captain Jeremy Prince said.

He said ten people gathered inside a bedroom here after an argument between Benjamin Williams and another man turned physical. Investigators said Williams then pulled a gun, pointed it at the man and fired a shot just above him.

Officers first worked to get all the others out safely as Williams barricaded himself inside a different bedroom.

"The only way they could come out a door was to come past the door of the room where he was hiding. That was their only way out," Prince said.

Most of them escaped through a window, and then officers talked Williams down.

"You just try to tell them 'it's not the end of the world we can work it out.' But the best thing for them to do is to start cooperating, help themselves come out without the gun. He ended up doing that," Prince said.

Officers said they found a .38 caliber revolver under a mattress and a substance believed to be marijuana. Williams was taken to jail. That comforts neighbors like Ernestine Lamm who holds nothing against her neighbors but hopes they don't have a new year's party this year.

"Would you have one now, I think I'd run in the other direction," Lamm said.

Williams faces 10 counts of first degree wanton endangerment, along with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. We wanted to talk to him in jail today but a Graves County Jailer told us Williams declined our interview offer.

Captain Jeremy Prince uses this as an opportunity to remind everyone to be careful with alcohol consumption, especially as we approach New Years Eve.