Community Prepares for more USEC Layoffs


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall

PADUCAH, Ky. - More warn notices have been sent out to workers at Paducah's Gaseous Diffusion Plant. A maximum of 100 layoffs are expected between October 14-25.

Jason Hargrove was in the first round of layoffs. Already, he is enrolled in classes at West Kentucky Community and Technical College. This time last month, Hargrove was making about $32 an hour at USEC. Now, he is enrolled in an intro class on computers.

Still, he is grateful to be back in school, "I'm just really thankful for this opportunity to be able to go back to school."

Hargrove was one of 140 to be laid off back in August. So far 75, including Hargrove, have come to WKCTC's Career Solutions Community.

"That's just the tip of the iceberg, there's a lot more coming," Program Coordinator Troy Courtney said of looming layoffs.

He is in the process of preparing for another 100 clients next month.

"We're going to have some workshops to help them with resumes, cover letters, interviews, techniques, job fair coming up," he explained

The mission he says is simple, "We're here to get them back in the workforce."

As difficult as starting over may be, Jason Hargrove knows he is one step closer.

"It's kinda new getting back into this but I know it's the right thing for me."

Hargrove is eyeing a career in nursing because of the pay and the availability of jobs. Staff at Career Solutions Community say nursing and computer technology are the most popular fields among those displaced workers.