County considering options to cleanup huge rock slide


Reporter- Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist- David Dycus

Crittenden County, Ky.- There has been a stead stream of spectators out on Blackburn Church Road in Crittenden County, Kentucky since Monday. Everyone wants to see the rock slide in person.

Sawyer Towery, 13,  came with his family. He climbed to the top of the boulder to take a look around. 

 He's afraid the price tag to clean up the big rock will be big, too, so he's applied for emergency road aid from the state. He said even though it's a county road, if they get approved, the state would pay for 80% of the project.

Newcom said he's had three contractors come out to take a look and expects them to present their plans and estimates in the near future. Clean-up  options include drilling to break up the big boulders or even blowing it up. The fear is that shaking up the area could cause more rocks to fall. Newcom said a state engineer is scheduled to come on Tuesday to determine if the remaining rocks on the bluff are staying put.

In the meantime, Newcom asks anyone coming to see the rock to be extremely careful.

Newcom said cleanup could begin as soon as a week, but could take as long as a few months until the road is back to normal.


"Holy cow," he said. "This is amazing."County Judge Executive Perry Newcom thought so too the first time he saw it with his own eyes.



"I thought, 'man that's a big rock,'" he said.