Donations pour in for seized dogs


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - David Dycus
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

FULTON, Ky. - New details on the 18 dogs seized from a home in Fulton, Kentucky where investigators say there was no food or water.

Earlier this week, investigators asked for donations of food and loving homes for the dogs.

Fulton's police chief tells Local 6 that 350-pounds of dog food have been collected.

Some viewers drove all the way from Paducah, Kentucky to deliver toys, treats, and food.

Many of the dogs are still available for adoption.

If you're interested in donating or adopting, call the Fulton Police Department.

The couple who owned the dogs faces animal cruelty charges and their home has been condemned.

Earlier story:

FULTON, Ky. - Police Chief Terry Powell considers himself an animal lover. He admits he is spending his free moments at the city's pound, checking on more than a dozen malnourished dogs seized from a home Friday.

His department seized 18 dogs from a home on 4th Street last week. In the days since, he says the dogs are not only gaining weight but trust.

"They were really skittish when they came in Friday," he said, adding, "Now, when they see me they're jumping around, wanting me to pet them."

A series of complaints from neighbors prompted an investigation and eventually a search warrant. The dogs' owners, Tammy and Charles Austin now face animal cruelty charges and the house they shared has been condemned.

Powell says the residence was covered in feces and urine and it's likely the dogs would not have survived much longer.

"We probably wouldn't have rescued 18 dogs. There's a good chance some of them would have died in there."

Neighbor Paul Billings tells Local 6 he heard dogs barking but assumed the couple had 3, maybe 4 dogs. He says he never knew any different because the Austins never let the dogs out.

"I never saw 'em outside, never, never saw 'em outside."

Chief Powell says the dogs are making use of and enjoying connecting kennels that are half inside, half outside. But he is hoping for more, "We want to make sure they have good homes."

Powell tells Local 6 his department has a very limited budget when it comes to caring for animals. Anyone willing to donate food or adopt a dog is asked to call or stop by the Fulton Police Department at (270) 472-2522.