Dance: a good cause for the heart and soul


Web Editor - Amanda Roberts
Reporter - Johnette Worak

PADUCAH, Ky - The key to sticking with an exercise program is finding something that you love to do that is fun!

Danielle Johnson at the Paducah Dance Academy has plenty of insight about how easy it is for anyone from varying levels of experience to get hooked on exercise- including Paducah CPA, Matt Church

Many dancers that you see make it look effortless, but Paducah CPA, Matt Church has been working diligently to perfect his rumba. He initially didn't expect it to be so challenging.

"It's harder than it looks. It's more strenuous than I thought it would be. I go to the gym and lift weights and it's harder than I thought it would have been."

Danielle Johnson who's been performing and teaching for most of her life says dancing is great exercise with great health benefits for both mind and body.

"It's a perfect way to gain flexibility and muscle strength, coordination, and self confidence. It exercises the body but in ballroom dancing it also exercises the mind. You're thinking about counting, direction, music, lead, follow, a lot of different aspects."

It's a great cardio workout for your heart and can burn anywhere from 400 to 800 calories in one hour!

Local 6's Johnette Worak has bought into the dance craze and is donning her dancing shoes. Cletus Murphy will be her dance partner in this year's Lourdes' Dancing With Our Stars- a cause in our region that raises a lot of money for cancer research.

The Paducah Dance Academy has been a partner with Lourdes' Dancing With Our Stars since it started seven years ago. The affair has since grown to be the third largest Relay for Life event in the world!

Johnette and Cletus have been practicing and choreogrphing since September, and Local 6 encourages you to finally see them debut their dancing chops in March.

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