Electronics business catches fire in downtown Carterville, Illinois


Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

UPDATE (5:11 a.m.): As of 1:30 this morning, at least two units were still on scene putting water on what was left of Corbell Telephone and Electronics in downtown Carterville. Division Street is expected to be closed for much of Tuesday. More information is below.

CARTERVILLE, Ill. - Multiple fire departments were called to the scene of a business fire at Corbell Telephone and Electronics in downtown Carterville, Illinois Monday night.

Officials tell WPSD Local 6 that 17 different fire departments responded to the blaze.

The business owner Denny Corbell tells Local 6 the fire started in the office area.  He was not there at the time. The business has been there since 1976.

Corbell says a couple living in an apartment above his shop smelled the smoke and got out safely.

Fire crews closed Division Street to traffic while they tied to get the blaze under control.  The fire is just a few doors away from Carterville City Hall.

EMTs on scene say they did not treated any firefighters for injuries or heat exhaustion.

Earlier story: 

CARTERVILLE, Ill. – Massive flames have enveloped a business in Carterville, Illinois.

Police confirm the electronics business is located downtown.

No word yet as to what caused the blaze in the first place.

WPSD Local 6 will update the story as more information becomes available.