Employees at local pharmacy still shaken after being robbed at gunpoint


Reporter - Briana Conner
Photographer - Chad Darnall

CARLISLE COUNTY, Ky.— Kentucky State Police say they're still looking for the man who burst into Medcare Pharmacy and Home Medical Supply in Carlisle County demanding prescription pain pills Tuesday afternoon.

The robbery happened in the 100 block of Walnut Street in Arlington, Kentucky. Police say the man drove off traveling east on Kentucky 80 in a teal, 90s model Chevrolet extended cab pickup truck after getting the pills. No one was hurt during the robbery, but employees are still on edge about their safety. Two of them have concealed carry licenses and brought their guns to work the next day just in case.

The robber burst in the pharmacy around 4:45 Tuesday afternoon. Pharmacy Tech Tracy Creel said, "When I heard the door ding, I looked up to say hello to greet the customer coming in. Then, I saw him all face covered and everything. He turned directly toward me and had a gun. He pointed it straight at me."

Creel said the man then moved to the back of the store and told the pharmacist to hand over prescription pain pills. "He pointed it at me and said don't do anything stupid," said Gretchen Wilson. After he got what he wanted, he left, but Wilson said she still doesn't feel safe. "He may come back. I think that's the biggest fear right now," she said.

Now, employees listen to every chime with a mix of apprehension and gratefulness. "He had a gun, and anything could have happened," said Creel. Even in a small town like Arlington, they now know their safety is nothing to take for granted. Wilson said, "I've got three kids, and everyone else has families. You just think about what would have happened if something went bad. We would have never seen them again. You worry about stuff like that."

Employees say they'll stay on high alert until they hear that the person who robbed them has been caught. Kentucky State Police say anyone with information about this robbery should call Post 1 in Mayfield. Their investigation is continuing.