Fighting back against floodwater mosquitoes


Reporter - Briana Conner
Photographer - Randall Barnes

LYON COUNTY, Ky. - It's being compared to the flood of 2011. Not the rain or the water levels, but the huge amount of mosquitoes swarming around our area that came along with that flood. Local health departments are getting overwhelmed with the number of calls coming in about the pesky bugs.  Now, county officials want to stamp out the nuisance before it stamps out tourism.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the water was high enough to cover the now-exposed shores of Lake Barkley. As those floodwaters receded, the floodwater mosquito has made it's presence known. Now, local counties are reaching out for some extra help to battle back against the pest problem.

"We have a good time down here," said Canal Campground visitor Jim McFarland. He's from Madisonville, Kentucky, but says he likes to spend his summer days out by the lake. The water's fine, but lately, the mosquitoes aren't. "I've had some land on me. We're having to use some 'Off," said McFarland.

With tourists in mind, Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White said he reached out to the state for help. He said, "You don't want tourism to drop because the mosquitoes are so overwhelming." There are now extra spray trucks roaming around, especially in areas with standing water. "It does help a lot," McFarland said. It's a relief for tourists and the town alike. "We think it might fix our problem," said Judge White.     

Those extra spray trucks are already on the ground in Calloway, Marshall, an Lyon counties. You're asked to give them a couple days to work. If you still don't notice a change by the weekend, call your county health department of judge executives office to make a report.

The extra trucks fogging the area come at no cost to the counties. They're financed by the state Agriculture Commissioner's budget.