Fulton County School Employee's Job Terminated

Fulton County School Employee's Job Terminated


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An employee of the Fulton County Schools has been terminated from their position in the central office finance unit following an investigation of misappropriated and missing funds, according to the Fulton County Board of Education.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Jay Thomas says they have an open investigation.  The investigation is in the preliminary stages.  The employee's name isn't being released until charges are made. 

Fulton School Superintendent Aaron Collis released this statement, “While no mishandling of district funds is ever appropriate, I want to assure our parents, our staff and our taxpayers that this in no way threatens the operation of the district and/or the delivery of educational services to our students. The Fulton County Board of Education will make every effort to recover any funds found to have been misappropriated following the KSP investigation.”

The district will not be releasing additional information at this time due to the pending KSP investigation.