Future of Calvert City skate park in limbo


Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

CALVERT CITY, Ky. - A former Calvert City Council member is fighting to keep the Chris Bynum Skate Park from being replaced by a new basketball court.

Councilman Gene Colburn says the Park Board presented a plan to upgrade the basketball courts, which means they would overtake the existing skate park.

Park Board Chair Karen Fitzgerald says the board also presented a proposal to move and upgrade the skate park, but the council voted no.

Neeta Hale, whose son the skate park is named after, and the Parks Board want the city to reconsider.

Colburn says the skate park does not have an annual budget, but there is a line item in the city's budget that calls for improvements to the basketball courts. Colburn adds that parts of the skate park are portable and can be unbolted and moved to another site.