George Luna murder re-trial resumes with day 3


Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

TRIGG COUNTY, Ky. - A high profile murder trial resumes with day three as the prosecution will continue to build its case against George Luna.

Yesterday, jurors heard Luna's account of his final hours with Debra Hendrickson. A video shows that during the initial police interview, when he's told of the fire, he asks about his belongings.

Later, when he's told of Hendrickson's death, he becomes quiet and says he got chills. He then becomes furious when asked about his role, saying he had no reason to hurt Hendrickson.

The jury also heard testimony from the police officer who arrested Luna that night in Williamson County, Illinois after he clocked him going 100 miles per hour. The officer described him as "just nuts."

Later, several jail employees testified about a strong oder of gasoline on Luna's clothing.