"Hot mic" moment the subject of political analysis


Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

WASHINGTON - There's a lot of discussion over the conversation caught by WPSD Local 6 between Kentucky Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul several days ago.

In between interviews, McConnell and Paul had a frank conversation about stragety while McConnell was wearing a microphone.

They talked about how the Republicans message was changing, and ended with Paul saying quote, "We're gonna win this I think."

CNN political analyst Candy Crowly talked about what that conversation says about negotations behind the scenes.

"This tells me that this isn't… they're in a position the Senate doesn't want to be in.  It tells me that they are hearing privately and publically from the president 'no negotiations,' which probably is more troublesome in terms of there really isn't anything going on.  We sort of kept thinking there was.  That maybe somewhere, people were talking about a compromise and clearly that's not happening," Crowly said.

She added that it's clear Republicans don't think President Obama's stance of not negotiating will "stand up" to public scrutiny.

To hear the entire conversation between McConnell and Paul, click here.