Illinois elections take place today


Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

Voting is set to take place across Illinois today.

One local election will decide a replacement for former Brookport Mayor Judy Askew. Askew resigned a couple of months ago, leaving just weeks before the election. In her resignation letter, she said Brookport's City Council had not given her the support needed to accomplish her goals.

Four people are in the running now for Brookport mayor: Michael Cate, John Klaffer, Scotty Martin and Vincent Scarpino.

Meanwhile, voters in Saline County will decide whether to build a new Harrisburg High School or make improvements to the current building.

Last Spring, voters countywide approved a 1% sales tax hike, with the money going to education projects. Then in November, citizens presented the Harrisburg District with a petition requiring that new school construction be put on the ballot.

For a new high school to be built, the district must sell bonds. A "Yes" vote gives the district the ability to sell those bonds. Without them, however, they will have to use the revenue from the sales tax to fix the old facility, and the issue is generating a lot of interest for a Spring election.

Polls are open from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m.