Illinois state representative responds to Meridian mold frustration


Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

Governor Pat Quinn announced three southern Illinois schools will get $52-million.

Parents of Meridian Elementary students asked why their district isn't receiving any of that money since there is a mold problem in the building.

Local 6 looked into that situation and found out that money was promised to those three school districts back in 2010.

State Representative Brandon Phelps says that money came from an initiative called Illinois Jobs Now! and its recipients are long overdue for their grants.

"There were many many initiatives that were going to be started, but a lot of them didn't get funded because of the bond rating that Illinois suffered when it was lowered. They did not do a lot of those projects because they couldn't get a good rate of return on selling the bonds," Phelps said.

Phelps said he is working very closely with the Meridian School District to make sure they are taking the appropriate steps to eventually receive money from the state.