Items flying off the shelves at local grocery stores


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Jason Thomason

PADUCAH, Ky—We are off to a brutally cold start today.  Its not so much the snow this time around, it is the black ice and frigid temperatures.  We have been telling our viewers it was coming and thankfully many of you have been preparing for it.

Local grocery and hardware stores have been packed since Friday.  Employees at Banks Market said bread, milk and meat flew off the shelves over the weekend.  Still today, employees struggle to fill the shelves completely because of the weekend craze.

Assistant Manager Sean Fellows said business is booming from this past weekend.

"You're trying to get product anyway you can, you hope your orders come in, you hope what you order actually you can get, because sometimes you get shorted. It's pretty intense," said Fellows.

Fellows said right now business is slow and it is a chance for him to re-stock all those necessity items.  If you have what you need, it is best to just stay home and stay out of the cold weather.

If you absolutely have to get out to get those necessity items, Banks Market is located on Lone Oak Road and open 24 hours.