KY road crews busy treating and plowing roads


Reporter - Mychaela Bruner
Photographer - Michael Bradford

GRAVES COUNTY, Ky.  - Both state and local road crews got back out this morning attempting to clear more of the snow and ice. Last night's temperatures dropped so low the treatments would not work, so crews had their work cut out for them today.

Graves County Road Department truck operator Michael Mills say his crews have been working all day and night to get roadways cleared.

"We started plowing about 2:30 yesterday morning, and we started again around 4:30, we're just going to continue out until we get it all off the roads," Mills said.

If you absolutely have to get out on the roads, crews say take it slow. Packed in snow and sleet are as hard as a rock and extremely slippery at this time. It is a perfect example of why it is not safe driving on roads that have not been plowed or treated.

Keith Todd with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says drivers still need to be cautious.

"Just continue to use caution and slow down. I know the three best pieces of advice for driving in winter weather: slow down, slow down, slow down," Todd said.

Mills says his road crews are working hard to keep families safe.

The Brookport Bridge is closed and will remain closed until temperatures increase past freezing. Road crews ask that if you do not have to be out tonight, please stay home.