Kentucky attorney general: Lawsuit possible against DOE in Gaseous Diffusion Plant cleanup


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - David Dycus

McCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - Like our local and state leaders, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway wants the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant to stay in operation.

"We have 1,100 workers out there who are highly trained, who can do a lot of the work either in clean up and transitioning," Conway said.

Conway says the Department of Energy needs to move faster.  He's threatening a lawsuit if certain clean-up deadlines aren't met.  "My office will pursue any legal means at our disposal to make them live up to that obligation," Conway told Local 6.

Jim Key is the USEC Vice President of Union Local 5-50.  He represents about 600 workers at the site and says Conway's pressure is pleasing.  "I've been talking to the DOE every month and been in Washington since November and sat across the table and asked them the same questions we are discussing today.  They have yet to answer me," Key said.

Conway is also asking for $35 million more federal dollars for clean-up efforts, bringing the total for next year to $177 million.  He said the total cost could reach into the billions, but calls the process priceless because our workers and area deserve to be heard.

"For this attorney general, we are not going to forget you," Conway said.