Kitten cruelty being investigated, three teens charged and taken into custody


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - David Dycus
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - The three teens identified by the McCracken County Sheriff's Department as being involved with the death of two cats have been arrested.

All three are charged with 2nd degree animal cruelty.

The sheriff's department said the animals were killed Sunday on the Lone Oak High School football field.

Investigators became aware of the incident after one of the teens posted pictures of one of the cats before its death and a picture after its death.  A second dead cat was also found.

A vet examined the two and determined the cause of death was blunt force trauma.  Sheriff's department investigators say evidence recovered at the field suggests an 11-pound rock was used as the instrument of death.

After two days of investigation, pickup orders were obtained for the three teens allegedly involved.  They were taken into custoy around 11:00 Wednesday morning.  All three were lodged at an area juvenile detention facility.

Earlier report:

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - On Saturday afternoon, investigators say three teens tortured, beat, and killed two kittens near the Lone Oak High School football field.

One teen took to Twitter to brag about the crime. In one picture labeled 'before,' the teen holds up an orange kitten. In the next picture, labeled 'after,' the lifeless body of the kitten is thrown over the side of a trashcan.

Lourdes Spencer, a local animal advocate, learned of the crime through social media and was one of the first to locate the cats.

She first spotted the orange kitten, recalling, "The cat's head was bashed in in the side and it's eyeball was popped out, it was just horrific."

Spencer later located a larger gray cat nearby, "It was sickening."

"I couldn't eat my dinner that night," she added.

The teen who initially bragged about the crime on Twitter, later claimed the kitten had been hit by a car.

Animal Control Officer Chrystal George took the dead animals to a local vet, "He's taken a look and said it's not appearing to be the case."

George said it was a large stone the teens used to kill the kittens and called it 'a murder weapon.'

Detectives with the McCracken County Sheriff's Department are continuing their investigation and say charges are likely in the days ahead. The teens will be charged with animal cruelty, which carries up to 12 months behind bars and a $500 fine.