Local 6 Today introduces you to 2 local superheroes


Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

Saturday is National Superhero Day, the day we normally dedicate to the likes of Superman, Batman and Ironman.

But if we look closer, we have superheroes all around us.

This morning on Local 6 Today, our Marissa Hollowed introduced us to two local superheroes: Kyra Shutt from Murray, Kentucky, and Morgan Guess from Lone Oak, Kentucky.

Kyra is a 10-year-old girl who has a unique birthday tradition. While many girls her age ask for dolls and toys for her birthday, Kyra asks her friends to donate to local charitable organizations. The practice began three years ago when Kyra was just seven years old. Items have included library donations, diapers for Lifehouse and dog food for animal shelters.

Another local superhero, Morgan Guess, decided that instead of blaming others after being bullied, she would become part of the solution. She helped raise $20,000 in 2012, which brought movie director Lee Hirsch to Paducah to talk about his movie "Bully." She also started a Facebook page and Twitter feed called "Kids for Kindness," all in an effort to give kids the space to say nice things about others.

Check out the video to see our Local 6 Superheroes join us in the studio on Local 6 Today.