Local families share adoption stories


Marissa Hollowed

Local 6's Stacie Beckner and her husband wanted to expand their family. They decided that international adoption was what they wanted to do. After trips to Africa and Asia, they brought home two beautiful children, their son Cullen and daughter Finley.

The Beckner's worked with All Blessings International, an adoption agency based in Kentucky. Sara Darling is a home studies specialist with All Blessings International. She got a job working with the agency after adopting her son from Africa.

Both mothers explained to us the amount of time and work that goes in to finalizing an adoption. A family must select what type of adoption they are interested in, domestic or international. Next, they choose an agency based on their needs. A home study is conducted in which a specialist examines a family's home to determine if they will be fit parents and if their home is safe enough. After a family is approved they go through a waiting period before finalizing.