Local horse returns home after appearing in movie


Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

FAIRDEALING, Ky. - A horse is back home in western Kentucky after his portrayal of Silver in "The Lone Ranger."

Arctic Bright View was one of several horses portraying Silver in the summer blockbuster starring Johnny Depp. The horse comes from Paul and Berva Megson, of Fairdealing, Kentucky.

The horse is now home and being cared for by his owners. The Megsons have a total of 24 horses, but this one is their daughter's favorite.

Paul Megson says Arctic Bright View was one of three horses used in the movie, but he stands out for two reasons.

"Now he was the only horse that was leased by Disney," Megson said. "Disney purchased the other horses. He's also the only stallion used."

White horses are very rare. Megson says millions of thoroughbreds are registered in the world, but fewer than 100 are registered white.