Local long-term care facility closing, laying off staff


Reporter - Kendall Downing


The Illinois Department of Public Health says all residents have been moved to other facilities.  Sanctions against the facility are also possible, including fines and surrender of its license, according to the IDPH.


ZEIGLER, Ill. - Thursday, 45 people in Franklin County, Illinois learned they'll soon be out of a job as a facility that cares for the developmentally disabled shuts its doors.

Administrator Greg Moore told Local 6 the closure at Colonial Manor in Zeigler, Illinois should be complete by next week.

Right now he said the facility houses roughly 35 residents, and they all must be transferred before the doors can close permanently.

Our cameras caught some belongings being moved out Thursday.

Moore tells us Colonial Manor is millions of dollars in debt and can't continue operating.

As for the reason for that debt, Moore is pointing the finger at the state of Illinois, citing their push toward housing patients who are wards of the state in more community-based facilities, like group homes. Moore said that's why enrollment at Colonial Manor is down.

But a spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Human Services disagrees, telling Local 6 Thursday afternoon private facilities like Colonial Manor are still a viable part of the picture.

The Illinois Department of Public Health released a statement Thursday stating they were stepping in, saying, "The  failure of the facility to notify IDPH at least 90 days before closing, as well as the inability to pay for food and staff, prompted the Department to take emergency action to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all residents."

The administrator responded to that claim, telling Local 6 he didn't have 90 days to spare and the facility must close now.

It is the largest employer in the village of Zeigler, and Mayor Dennis Mitchell said the loss will be felt.

"It's a sad day, and people are very upset. I understand that from the ownership being in bankruptcy to those people that work. It's a tragedy," said Mitchell.

The mayor said he spoke with the owner and isn't sure what will happen to the building, which is across the street from the village hall.

An employee of the facility said she didn't want to comment.