Lyon County to go wet Friday


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - David Dycus

LYON COUNTY, Ky. - Piece by piece, businessman Sean Brehm is transforming the former Country Cupboard into a liquor store.  Admittedly, he has received a few complaints.

But on Thursday, he is excited and looking at the big picture.

"It's not gonna be the savior of the county per say but I think it's a step in the right direction," he said of the county allowing alcohol sales.  


On January 15th, voters approved a measure to allow for the sale of liquor by the drink and some package sales.  Earlier this month, business owners began the process of applying for those licenses.  To date, 10 businesses, seeking 11 licenses have begun that process.

Three are new businesses, including Brehm's.  He plans to call his store 'Eddyville Wine & Spirits.'

Eddyville is in the process of becoming a 4th class city, so that it may profit from those sales.

The designation would allow a 6-8 percent tax on alcohol. That money would be given to law enforcement and could mean extra patrols, even an additional officer.

Slaton says, it can create more than that, "It means we could get municipal aid for roads which we are in dire need of, we can apply for more state and federal grants."

"That alone I just don't see a downside to it," she continued.

She is hoping with that designation and alcohol sales dollars and people would stay put, "When you see businesses close up and move out of town and move to neighboring towns, it's hard to swallow."

But Brehm, who already owns one business in town, is taking another chance.  He says it will pay off.

"I think when it's over, when we get it opened, Eddyville will be proud to have it here," he said of his store he hopes to open by Memorial Day.

The bill designating Eddyville as a 4th class city has passed the House and Senate.  For now, it is on the Governor's desk.

While Lyon County officially goes wet Friday, the first sale will be about 60 days from now, most likely at a gas station.  For liquor stores, it could be several months.