Maiden Alley Cinema raising money for new digital projector


Marissa Hollowed
Photojournalist - Jason Thomason
Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

PADUCAH, Ky. - For the past 11 years, Maiden Alley Cinema has used their 35 mm projector to bring great foreign and independent movies to Paducah. Now they need $90,000 for a new digital projector.

The move is necessary because all movies coming out of Hollywood are expected to be fully digital by late 2013. That means they will not work with Maiden Alley Cinema's current projector.

The theater has begun a fundraising campaign to raise the money to switch projectors. So far, the fundraising efforts have brought in more than $42,500.

Local 6's Marissa Hollowed talked with Robyn Shapiro from Maiden Alley Cinema about the campaign. Check out the video for more.