Man charged after 1st-grader takes gun to school


Associated Press
Reporter - Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

PRINCETON, Ky. (AP/WPSD) - A 25-year-old western Kentucky man has been charged with wanton endangerment after his girlfriend's first-grader son took a loaded handgun to school in his backpack.
Caldwell County school superintendent Carrell Boyd said the man put the.38-caliber revolver in the child's backpack to hide it from friends. Boyd said the child and the boy's mother weren't home at the time.
The Times Leader of Princeton said the man told school officials he forgot about the gun. Boyd said the child discovered it the next day when he was asked to put something inside the bag but didn't say anything.

"He was scared to death," said Boyd. "He didn't know who had done that."

He did end up telling two boys on the bus home. The boys' mother called school officials that afternoon, August 15.

Boyd, along with police went to investigate. He said Larue and the boy's mother were very open and answered every question.

"It's a story that's almost unbelievable," he said. "But at the same time, we believe them to be the actual facts."
Police arrested Aaron W. Larue Monday on a first-degree wanton endangerment charge. The jail said Wednesday he had been released on $25,000 surety bond.

Boyd said the situation revealed another reason why it's so important for parents to be on board and help the school keep kids safe. 

"We have to work together to ensure an environment is safe at home as well as at school. "Our kids are going to be safer when we work together. It's that simple," said Boyd.

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