Marion High School tackles breast cancer


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi

MARION, Ill. - The Marion High School football team will be "pinked out" at the game to show support for a player's mother who is a breast cancer survivor.

Back in February, Traci Nicholson broke the news of her breast cancer to her son, Justin.

"He just put his head in his hands and was like, 'this can't be real,'" said Traci Nicholson.

When he hits the field, he says he will not be thinking about winning or losing, but about his mom.

"It's gonna mean a lot. Me and my mom both, we have a hard time showing our appreciation for everything and everyone, because people have gone above and beyond for us," said Justin Nicholson.

The entire team will don special jersey's complete with pink numbers.

Justin says his will be framed and hung in his house.

Traci says she has found comfort in the love she has received.

"It's just amazing to realize how many friends that I had that I really didn't know would pull behind me and support me through this," said Traci Nicholson.

And Justin says he has found a new hero...his mom.

"She makes me want to be just like her," said Justin Nicholson.

During halftime, Traci Nicholson and two other woman fighting cancer will stand on the 50-yard-line and receive a check from the Marion School District community. 

One of those other women is Traci Nicholson's mother, who was diagnosed with lung cancer in May.