Mayfield City Council passes smoking ban


Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

MAYFIELD, Ky. - Mayfield has become one of the smallest cities in Kentucky to pass a smoking ban.

Monday night, the City Council passed a second reading of the ordinance in a 5-4 vote. The ordinance bans the smoking of tobacco products in all public buildings, including restaurants.

However, the ban excludes spaces used primarily for sleeping such as hotels, hospices or nursing homes, rooms designated for social functions and separate smoke-proof enclosures with a heating and air conditioning system.

If caught smoking inside an off-limits building, a violator will be fined a maximum of $50. Business owners who do not comply would receive a $50 fine for the first violation, $100 for the second violation and $250 for the third within a 12-month period.

The ban will take effect in 2014.