Mayor, City Manager respond to fire department investigation


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Justin Jones

PADUCAH -- On Thursday, we released undercover video revealing a Paducah firefighter meeting with a woman while on the clock, and using a city vehicle for personal errands.  We wanted to know how the mayor and city manager were working to prevent this from happening again.

The city manager says he met with Fire Chief Stephen Kyle Friday morning and asked Kyle to review the department's work rules and report back to the city.
Mayor Gayle Kaler didn't offer any suggestions on how to keep this from recurring.

Eddie Allen Ladd provided the undercover video and said it shows Fire Captain Brian Waid sitting in Ladd's wife's car for 40 minutes, while parked at the fire station.

The private eye who shot the video says there's more, showing fire fighter Robby Greif acting inappropriately. The fire chief told Local 6 Grief had been under investigation and resigned yesterday.  Local 6 spoke with Mayor Gayle Kaler about the department today.

We asked Mayor Kaler if she was worried this could've happened with other fire fighters or that this could have happened in the future. "They're men. Is this the kind of interview that you wanted? Don't ask me questions like that, don't ask me those kinds of questions," Kaler answered.

City Manager Jeff Pederson didn't seem to mind the question, and said he had no reason to believe other Paducah Firefighters engaged in misconduct, but wants to make sure.

"We review what we're doing. See if we've got opportunities to create better understanding, clearer expectations going forward, it's an ongoing effort," Pederson said.

But Kaler said some things just can't be prevented.

"It could happen in any department in the City of Paducah, it could happen in any corporation, it could happen at the TV station.  It can happen anywhere," Kaler said.

Local 6 reached out to most of the city commissioners.
They, along with Mayor Kaler said they only recently learned of the investigation.

The city manager told Local 6 the investigation into Greif was essentially complete, it was fairly incriminating, and that Greif knew that and that's why he resigned.
The other investigation into Brian Waid is ongoing and he wouldn't go into details.

Pederson said he did not give fire chief Kyle a specific timeline on when to report back to the city, but indicated he needed the information soon.