Meridian school district in desperate need of supplies


Reporter - Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

Mounds, Ill. - Summer is over for parents in the Meridian School District in Mounds, Illinois. It ended when renovations uncovered black mold in the elementary school and junior high building and forced it to be shut down. All of the school supplies except for desks and chairs are locked inside.

Clean up is expected to cost in the millions of dollars and building a new school is also not only expensive, but time consuming. School is scheduled to start August 13.

That's why the president of the Parent/Teacher/Student Organization rallied her group and decided to try to raise money to buy the supplies teachers need.

It's affected everybody from students, to parents, staff, principals, you name it," said Teresa Patrick. "Its affected everybody."

Friday night, Patrick and her four active members staked out an intersection and asked passing cars for donations. Parent Nancy Powell was surprised by the turn out.

"On my way here, I was kind of down and then now, it's like, yes, people are wanting to help," she said.

The group is looking for not only monetary donations, but volunteers, and other ideas to raise money.

"If we all come together as one and not gripe about it, I think we can make it," said Patrick.

Patrick and her PTSO members will be out at the intersection of IL127 and Route 3 in Mounds, Illinois again Saturday from 8A.M.-11A.M. They also have a bake sale scheduled for Monday August 5 at the Stop and Shop in Mounds also starting at 8A.M. A yard sale is scheduled for September 6 at the Mounds car wash.

If you'd like to make a donation there are drop-off areas set up at the Dollar Store in Mounds and at the High School. Monetary donations can also be sent to the high school at 208 Valley Road, Mounds, IL 62964.


She said local businesses have also stepped up to help because the list of needs is so long.

"It's kind of like your house caught on fire," she said. "We have nothing."