Missouri names Powerball jackpot winners


NBC News

A husband and wife from Dearborn, Mo., are the lucky ticket holders who won half of the record Powerball jackpot worth $587.5 million, and they couldn't be more shocked at their good fortune.

"I called my husband and told him, 'I think I am having a heart attack,'" Cindy Hill, 51, said, according to a Missouri Lottery press release. "I think we just won the lottery!"

After hearing on Thursday morning that one of Wednesday night's winning tickets was sold in Missouri -- the other was sold in Arizona -- Cindy dropped her daughter off at school, went to a convenience store for a winning numbers report, and checked her tickets in her car, the press release said.

The couple had bought five tickets in total at Dearborn's Trex Mart convenience store. Upon seeing that one of them had the winning combination, Cindy said she headed straight to her mother-in-law's house and asked her to double-check the ticket. Husband Mark, 52,  joined her there to see for himself.

"You know it's the Show Me State, so he said, 'Show me,'" Cindy said.

With odds of any single ticket winning the jackpot at 1 in 175 million, the Hills said they hardly gave a thought to winning.

"I was just telling my daughter the night before, 'Honey, that probably never happens (people winning),'" Cindy said.