Murray State leaders discuss budget options


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Barry Stevenson
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

MURRAY, Ky. - The Board of Regents at Murray State University is looking through 80 recommendations that would either cut costs or generate revenue for next school year.

MSU ran a $2.1 million deficit for the current year, but the board used reserve funds to pay that down.

12 budget review teams were formed to analyze several university programs and wether cutting entire programs or partial programs would be best.

Rougly 80 recommendations were made by the teams.  On Thursday, the board discussed the recommendations but took no formal action.  The recommendations covered everything from adding to student fees to reduce housing scholarships to expanding the university catering services to apply for a liquor license.

The bottom line:  the board knows it has to make cuts and they are hoping to make the littlest impact on students and staff.

"A real typical way to cover this which could suppress the amount of revenue is that if a student provides proof of coverage under parents insurance or their own, as long as they provide proof of that insurance, you waive the fee for them," MSU President Randy Dunn said.

Board members will have the opportunity to possibly vote on these recommendations Friday during another session.

If that doesn't happen, the board must vote on the recommendations at their May 7th meeting in order to implement them.

For the complete list of recommended cuts and increases proposed by The Board of Regents at Murray State, click here.