Neighbor tries to save family's home


Reporter- Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall

BARDWELL, KY- Ethen Cravens, 2, spent the morning playing.  He did not have much, really besides the one toy he was playing on and the clothes he had on his back.

His family did not have much either. Nearly everything Ashley and Fred Cravens had was destroyed by a fire early Tuesday morning.

Few things, including a box of valuables were saved, thanks to the efforts of the Cravens' neighbor, Phillip King.

King, a volunteer firefighter, was one of the first on scene on Hillcrest Drive.  He says he knew the house could not be saved, but some of the contents could.

"You may not save the house.  So what? Houses can be built back, you just do your best to save what means something to them," he said.

"They'll be okay, we'll take care of them," he continued.

Fred Cravens said he was grateful for King's support Tuesday and six years ago.

"When I came here, I didn't have nothing," he remembered, adding it was King who helped him remodel the very home that burned.   

It is why, despite the long road ahead, he said he wants to one day move back on his block, "One way or another we'll come back here."  

Firefighters believe the fire was electrical in nature.

For now, the couple and their 3 children are staying with family.
Those interested in helping can drop off donations at Bardwell City Hall, 225 Front Street, from 8-4, Monday thru Friday.
Sizes are as follows:
Fred: 32-34 pant, L shirt, 9.5 shoe
Ashley: 16/19 pant, L/XL shirt, 10 shoe
Nicholas, 15: 29-32 pant, M top, 9.5 shoe
Whitney, 9: 14 shirt (kids), 8 shoe (women's)
Ethen, 2: 2T/3T shirt & pant, 7.5 shoe