Obama says nation will recover from Isaac


Associated Press

AMES, Iowa (AP) - President Barack Obama says the nation will help people recover from Hurricane Isaac, "no matter what this storm brings."
He says that when disaster strikes, "we're not Democrats or Republicans first, we are Americans first."
The president says during a campaign event in Ames, Iowa, that preparations for the storm have been under way for days, and he vows the nation will "help our neighbors in need."
Obama has warned residents of the Gulf Coast to listen to local authorities and follow their directions ahead of the hurricane that is veering toward New Orleans.

Earlier story:

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama will deliver an update on Tropical Storm Isaac from the White House before departing on a three-state campaign trip.
The White House is aiming to balance leadership on the storm with the president's campaign plans. Obama is scheduled to leave the White House after his remarks for a two-day trip to Iowa, Colorado and Virginia.
Republicans canceled the first day of their convention in Tampa when the storm appeared to be headed for landfall in Florida. But the party is resuming convention activities Tuesday.
The tropical storm is on the verge of becoming a hurricane as it veers toward New Orleans.

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