Paducah Police Officer injured in hit-and-run, recovering


Photojournalist- Jason Thomasson
Reporter- Jason Hibbs
Web Editor - Amanda Roberts


PADUCAH, Ky - Officer Steven Austin Guill is out of surgery at Deaconess Hospital in Evansville, In. 

Officer Guill is reported to be in good spirits, and expected to have a lengthy recovery.

To assist the family with various expenses associated with hospital stay and lengthy convalescence period, his wife, Allie and friends of Officer Guill have set up an account to accept donations.

The account is in the name of Steven A. Guill, and can be made to any Western Kentucky branch of U.S. Bank.

Original Story:

PADUCAH, Ky- The Paducah Police Officer injured in a hit-and-run this morning is slowly recovering, but is still in "serious condition".

The incident unfolded at the intersection of 7th and Madison Streets in Paducah just after 1 a.m.

The Officer's coworkers are trying to piece together exactly what happened before the crash. 

Police say Terry Murray, a fugitive from San Diego, California stole a van from a local dealership and led officers on a chase that t-boned officer Steven Austin Guill's cruiser.

Officials do not know what Murray was thinking when he stole the van, leading police on a pursuit when he ran away from the accident and then hid inside a garbage can.

People who live near where the hit-and-run and manhunt occurred say they are glad the perpetrator is in jail. 

Craig Felker heard it just before he went to bed, "It was a loud hit; we didn't hear brakes it was just a solid hit." And when he walked outside, "the frame was bent, there were two tires that had kind of been throw."

In a news conference, Paducah police say Terry Murray stole the van from E-Z Way Auto Sales on Paducah's Southside. The dealership owner says the keys were locked inside the store, but somehow Murray started the van, and crashed into two other vehicles on the way out. Road construction crews heard the commotion, and called 911.

Paducah Police located Murray, who refused to pull over leading to a pursuit.

After impact, the van pushed the police cruiser so hard the cruiser was pushed more than 100 feet from the point of the collision.

Murray proceeded to run away on foot, but did not get far as K9 tracked him hiding in a garbage can.

Neighbor Debi Glasscock watched on as the K9, "started sniffing and all of a sudden he must have picked up the scent and took off between those two houses across the street."

When questioned, Murray gave a false name, false date of birth, and false address. Officers found his identification near the crash site and determined he is wanted on charges in California.

Paducah Police say they could not elaborate on Murray's wanted charges in San Diego.