Pain of shutdown felt in many places


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - David Dycus

LYON COUNTY, Ky. - Wranglers and Hillman Ferry Campgrounds are closed.  Campers had until 3:30 Wednesday afternoon to move out of Hillman.

Workers said some people waited until the last minute hoping Congress would make a deal.

A group of hunters near Wranglers Campground told Local 6 they drove four hours only to find out they needed to turn around.

Barricades and signs are up at the entrance of the Elk and Bison Prairie in Land Between the Lakes.  Clarks River Refuge is also closed.

The refuge stretches across Graves, Marshall, and McCracken Counties.

The road that runs through LBL known as "The Trace" is still open.

Communities around the area who benefit from campers and other tourist business say they aren't sure what they'll do next.

In Grand Rivers, Kentucky, the effects of the government shutdown could make an area go from boom to bust.

Business owners who are banking on Land Between the Lakes are worried about the future and they're not getting any answers, because when they call LBL they get a pre-recorded message.

"Due to the lapse in federal government, Land Between the Lakes, as with other federal agencies, is closed," the recording said.

At Ken's TBC, there are fewer fisherman walking through the doors.

Stacy Wright said many of her customers have had their vacation cut short.

"You can see the hurt on people's faces who come in and they say we have to come home have nowhere to stay, it's sad," Wright said.

It's bad for business on the heels of fall break, a time when business usually booms.

"It's going to be slowing down, I'm sure of it," Wright said.

Grand Rivers' Director of Tourism Kim Kraemer is worried too, fearing her village could be a casualty of the LBL closure.

"A lot of the visitors to LBL. they'll also come and visit us in Grand Rivers and eat at our restaurants and do different things in town," Kraemer said.

Only time will tell how bad this fall will be.

The director of the Marshall County Tourist Commission said he is worried about what the LBL closure will do to his county, specifically in the Aurora, Kentucky Lake, and Gilbertsville areas.