Post Christmas shopping generates huge crowds


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Justin Jones

PADUCAH, Ky—'Tis the Saturday after Christmas when all the shoppers flock to the stores for deep discounts and returns.  Christmas may be over, but the holiday shopping season is not.

Anything to save money.  James Jackson said that is why he is out trying to beat the crowds today.

"Doing a little shopping for some PS 3 games, they're discounted about 50 to 60 percent at Best Buy," said Jackson.

He is saving some money on post Christmas store-wide discounts while others are making exchanges.

"More money in my pocket is a better deal," said Jackson.

Joelle Middleman works at Best Buy and said the Saturday after Christmas is always hectic.

"There's rushes and then there's sometimes periods like this where there's not a lot of people but there's always things to be doing. Whether it's returns, exchanges, store pickups, answering the phone," said Middleman.

Elise Svodboda was one of dozens who waited in line to exchange a DVD series.

"There were maybe like two or three people ahead of me and I was just immediately able to go up and get the DVD exchanged," said Svodboda.

Quick, easy exchanges that Svoboda said makes post Christmas crowds not so stressful after all.

"You can see that the lines are moving, people are getting in and out and they are getting what they need to get done, done and that's really awesome," said Svoboda.

Joelle Middleman said if you would like to exchange something at Best Buy, the best time to do so is early so you can beat the post-Christmas crowds.