Refurbishing digs up old memories


Miltimedia Journalist - Julie Collins

MURRAY, KY - The old Corvette Lanes in Murray, KY is getting a facelift this fall. Brandon Edmiston with Edmiston Marketing bought the building two months ago. AMF Construction out of Murray began refurbishing it just 3 weeks ago. Edmiston says the town is buzzing over what's going on at the old bowling alley.

"We have to keep people out during construction but a lot have stopped by peeking in to see," says Edmiston. "it's exciting."

The building is 63 years old. Edmiston says with old buildings comes lots of surprises and on Wednesday that's just what they got. 

"I was working with a sledge hammer trying to knock an old pipe out of the wall. After a few good hits it came crumbling down along with a small brick wall and lots of debris. I was pushing it out and thought, something felt funny and sure enough, there it was, a wallet," describes contractor, Mike Russo. 

They found some identification inside and traced it back to long time west kentucky residents, Roy and Doris Gibson.  

"I can't believe, it's still in such good shape," says Doris. "Isn't that something. Oh merciful heavens. I can't believe that, she add."I'm just blown away because it's pictures, some of it I had forgotten about," says her husband Roy. 

The new bowling alley is set to reopen early of next year.