Reinterment service held at children's art center


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall

BENTON, Ky.--Historians learned there are likely six more people buried at the children's art center construction site in Benton, Kentucky.  The family cemetery was traced to the Morgan Family, the last burial took place in 1886. 

Wednesday, descendants said they did the right thing.  Family members held a reburial service for the one who was disturbed.  They also set aside a time to remember the six others, reflect on the past, and reassure those behind the arts center that proceeding with this project is what the deceased would have wanted.

A small gathering of family and friends. A few final thoughts, and quiet reflection.  

While this has the makings of an unassuming graveside service, this funeral is far from ordinary.

At some point during the 2 centuries after Phillip Morgan's family members were buried, they were forgotten until construction crews found an infant's remains last month. That caused a delay as crews waited for the family and city to determine the fate of the forgotten family cemetery.

Today's service symbolized a solution.

"There's quite a lot of children that are buried here, died young as they did back in those days," Morgan said.

Morgan said to mark the spot and proceed with the project.

"It's a children's art center so what could be better," Morgan said.

So this place will enrich the lives of the living, and memorialize the dead.

The city will mark the family cemetery with a 'green space' and a marker and build the parking lot around it. All the remains will stay at the site.

It's hard to tell exactly who is buried at the site because historians are relying on very old records but they are confident Phillip Morgan's grandfather is buried at the site. Many of the others are children.

The arts commission director says he's still not sure when the art center will be complete.