Rescuers revisit recovery plan in Calloway County


Reporter - Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

CALLOWAY COUNTY, Ky. - It took 17 hours for a team of rescuers, family members and volunteers to find two Calloway County boys who went missing in the woods behind their home. In the hours that followed the reunion, rescuers reevaluated their execution.

Emergency Manager Bill Call said he is satisfied with the plan and results. Of course, they wanted to find the Cameron and Ben Davis as soon as possible and ideally before dark. Call said based on the information they had as of Thursday night, they kept about 30 people on site searching through the night.

"We quite frankly feared they'd been picked up by an abductor," he said. "That's what we were afraid of."

When the sun came up Friday morning and K-9 units weren't able to track them again, Call put in a request for backup from neighboring Marshall County. Luckily, they weren't needed because the boys were found safe and sound shortly after. That's when Call said he learned the most valuable information, from the boys themselves.

"They told us this morning they never heard anyone calling. They out ran us," he said. That is one thing Call would change about their initial search plan. 

"If we made an error is we underestimated how far those little boys would go," he said. "They were three to four miles away." His foot search area was only extended at a mile, although ATV searches were being made farther out. 

Call said the boys' safe return was as much a result of the search efforts as it was the boys' ingenuity and survival skills to stay warm through the night.