River communities prepare for flooding


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - After heavy rain hit some of our neighboring states, towns along the Mississippi River are preparing for possible flooding.

Preparations are tricky because the situation can be unpredictable at times.

Cape Girardeau has the funds to have a great levee system, but it is the smaller towns with less of a budget that have to worry.

While some are taking advantage of the rising water by breaking out their fishing pole, Cape Girardeau Storm Water Coordinator, Stan Polivick, is taking precautions.

"Underneath that water right here is a boat launch and a big parking lot, and the bathrooms are over here and you can see the shelter where there's picnic tables that you can't get to now, of course," said Polivick.

Meteorologists are predicting waters to rise to 42 feet by Wednesday.

"Which will be up on our levees but not nearly at the top. So, it's not a real threatening flood at this point thank goodness." said Polivick.

While other towns like Cairo and Dutchtown are sandbagging flood prone areas and brushing up on their emergency plans in case the rising water get out of control, Cape Girardeau leaders can rest a little easier.

"We basically have to close some pedestrian gates and some drainage gates to keep the river from back-flowing on us," said Polivick.

Polivick says people living in Cape Girardeau are used to flood warnings, but this time around, he is worried about the farmers.

"By the diversion channel there's a lot of farm land and that land will be 8-9 feet under water this week," said Polivick.

The farmers in the area have no choice but to watch their crops drown and wait for the water to leave before they can try to revive their crop.