Christmas Eve shots fired: abducted 6-year-old, father dead


Web Editor - Amanda Roberts

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - A six-year old child and his father are now dead following an endangered person alert and investigation.

Markell Beasley, age 6 was allowed by his mother to go to St. Louis with his father for a holiday party.

The mother later found out that there was no holiday party, and that the father, Demetrius Beasley, had no intention of returning the daughter to the mother.

Police were alerted, an investigation began, and an endangered person alert was issued.

People who initially knew and had seen where the two were earlier on the timeline, no longer had any additional information.

Evening of December 24th, both Markell and Demetrius were located in Cape Girardeau. Officials responded to a shots fired call at a location in the Cape Girardeau area.

Initial information revelaed both Markell and Demetrius Beasley are deceased; investigation into the manner and cause of death are ongoing.