Sink hole causes traffic problems in western Kentucky county


Reporter - Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

FREDONIA, Ky. -  "When it fell out it was big enough to swallow a car."

That's how Keith Cox described the sinkhole when it first appeared Friday.  Between Friday and Tuesday, the sinkhole had grown.

Normally, Cox wouldn't be alarmed.

"It's a common thing in this area for the ground to fall out like that because the cavities in the limestone that's under the ground," Cox said.

He lives less than a mile from a cave, which winds its way underground for miles, so he's used to seeing sinkholes.  But he says he can tell, this one is different.

Keith Todd with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet agrees.

"They went down about 35 feet and still didn't find the bottom," Todd said.

After the first fill didn't work, road crews had to figure out what to put in the seemingly bottomless pit.  First came a type of fabric to form a foundation.  Then, workers brought truckload, after truckload of rock in and filled the void. 

"They'll have it filled back in and it will be solid enough for traffic through here, but they'll continue watch it pretty regularly," Todd said.

And you can bet Cox and the rest of the residents in this area will be too, especially since news surrounding these curious craters spreads.

"I may have to tie a rope around my waist when I got to sleep because of that guy in Florida was asleep when a sink hole got him," Cox said.

Crews are flagging traffic in the area while KY 902 is down to one lane.  A spokesperson from the state says they'll be back out at the site Wednesday.

Earlier story: 

FREDONIA, Ky. – One western Kentucky county is dealing with a sink hole.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials tell Local 6 a sink hole opened Tuesday in Caldwell County.

It happened on KY 902 west of Fredonia, near the Caldwell/Crittenden County line.

KTC officials restricted traffic to one lane on the road until repairs are complete.  They also warn the road may close so workers can go about their work.